Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Triumph of Extremism in Canada: ISIS and the Gordon Brothers from Calgary

In yet another report on extremism, the CBC revealed this week that two more Calgary youth, Gregory and Collin Gordon, left Canada in 2012 and are now fighting with ISIS – The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

Now known as Abdul Malik and Khalid, they once lived in the same apartment building as Damian Clairmont and Salman Ashrafi, two other young Calgary youth who left Canada for jihad in the Middle East.

It is highly unlike that ISIS has a recruiting structure on the ground in Canada, at least not yet.  Gregory and Collin Gordon left Canada in 2012 – before ISIS was even created.

However, Canada has allowed a series of extremist organizations (both violent and non-violent) to flourish in Canada.  They are given charitable status, allowed to run their own school systems, cultural centers, receive tax payer grants and have regular access to politicians. 

Canadian politicians frequently consort with extremist groups and assist them in fundraising.  The best (or worst) example of this may have been then Finance Minister Paul Martin attending a fund raising dinner for a terrorist group (LTTE) despite have been warned ahead of time by both the RCMP and CSIS.  

Anyone who opposes extremist groups is often given a rough ride.  They are accused of being racist, exposed to the threat of lawsuits and are subjected to a barrage of politically correct criticisms based on cultural relativism.

The Conveyor Belt “Push”….

As a result of years of the lack of will to confront extremist organizations in Canada, we now have a series of organizations dedicated to advancing agendas of theocratic dictatorships and other vile ideologies.  Canadian youth are identified, recruited, radicalized and then set on the conveyor belt to violence.  

….and the Propaganda Pull

Once set on the path to violence, Canadian youth are then attracted overseas by propaganda campaigns and they leave to fight in a variety of areas:  Somalia, Iraq, Syria, the Palestinian Territories, Yemen, etc.  

We Own the Problem

It is not sufficient to simply blame ISIS and their well-oiled propaganda machine.  Canada has been generating extremism and extremists for more than 20 years while doing little to stop it.

We own this problem. We need to fix it.

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  1. We do own this problem & I believe any possibility in fixing it sailed once PM Harper was replaced by Justin Trudeau. Our charter of Rights and Freedoms are used against us as is our ridiculous politically correct thinking (which I have zero of). We have a weak government & this worries me to no end.