Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Muslim Brotherhood and the Government of Quebec: Charter of Values?

The domain name for the websites of the Government of Quebec ( was registered by a "Masul" of the Muslim Brotherhood in North America. One wonders what the Party Quebecois and  Mr. Drainville in particular would make of this as it relates to his Charte des Valeurs Québécoises.  

A 1992 Directory of the Muslim Brotherhood of North America listed an "A. Assafiri" as the Masul for the East of Canada and gave his phone number at that time as: H: (819) 372-3321.   To have been listed as a “Masul” or leader in 1992, Mr. Assafiri must have been involved with the organization prior to 1992 as the position of Masul suggests someone who is trusted and has responsibility within the organization.

Mr. Assafiri is also a member of the Centre culturel islamique de Québec where he is described as being the “directeur de la formation et de l'animation religieuse”   He stated that the organization was formed as a non-profit organization in 1985 during his testimony to the Quebec Provincial Legislature.  

He has been a speaker at events such as the ISNA 2002 annual conference where he spoke on the issue of “Being a Muslim in Canada.” Mr. Assafiri is also a member of the “Coalition Québec-Palestine.”  In a newspaper article he is described as being “un Canadien d’origine libanaise, membre de la Coalition.”  (A Canadian of Lebanese origin, member of the Coalition.)  

Mr. Assafiri was the named administrative contract for the Government of Quebec’s web domain, according to the “Who IS” registry of domain name sites which reads as: registry (whois)
Domain name:
Domain status: registered
Creation date:  2000/10/23
Expiry date:  2018/09/22
Name: A.R.C. Informatique Inc.
Number:    401749
Registrant: Gouvernement du Quebec Conseil du tresor Services gouvernementaux
Administrative contact:  Abdallah Assafiri
Postal address:1500, Cyrille-Duquet, Quebec QC G1N 4T6 Canada
Phone:             1 (418) 644-4667
Fax:               1 (418) 643-5789

For more information on the Muslim Brotherhood in North America see the report at: 

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