Monday, July 14, 2014

Egyptian Newspaper Deputy Editor Cheers for Israel?

Al Ahram is the second oldest newspaper in Egypt (1875) and its enjoys the highest level of circulation.  Last week, Azza Sami, deputy editor Al Ahram newspaper posted the following on her Facebook page.  It translates roughly as: 
Bless you (Israeli Prime Minister) Netanyahu, may Allah make a lot of people like you to destroy Hamas, the base of corruption, treachery and being an agent for the (Muslim) Brotherhood. By Allah, whoever tells me "forbidden (to say this)", I don't know what I'll do.
To be clear, this was published on her Facebook page and not in the newspaper itself.  However, the fact that she can write about this and not get fired speaks volumes about the declining role of the Muslim Brotherhood (The Ikhwani) and its Palestinian wing HAMAS.  It is also clear that Sami Azza is no friend of Israel. The government of Egypt has stated openly that it will destroy the Muslim Brotherhood while former supporters such as Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the UAE have turned on the Ikhwani as well.   This position holds popular support among many in the Middle East who see the Muslim Brotherhood and other radical groups as an increasing danger to everyone. 

She is not alone. Other voices in Egypt are also speaking out against HAMAS and the Muslim Brotherhood. If an Egyptian person of any rank or status had cheered on Israel while it was attacking the Palestinians five years ago, they would have faced a storm of protests, firings and possibly worse.  Now, it just causes a twitter storm and public discussion. 

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