Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Can Muslim Brotherhood Wives Beat their Husbands? Calling Dr. Jamal Badawi

Can a Muslim wife become involved in husband beating?

Muslim Brotherhood husbands can beat their wives, at least according to Dr. Jamal Badawi who lives in Canada.  He does say that this must be seen as a rare exception.  The question that needs to be asked to Dr. Badawi is "Can a woman married to a Muslim Brotherhood husband beat him?

Dr. Badawi was identified by the Muslim Brotherhood itself as being on their Shura Council (board of directors) and gave his correct Halifax phone number in doing so.  Dr. Badawi was also identified in the Muslim Brotherhood's 1991 General Memorandum as being a key figure in the future of the Muslim Brotherhood movement in North America.  He has also held a number of leadership positions in organizations such as CAIR-CAN/NCCM (board of directors for every year in existence) as well as being on the board of the Muslim Associatsion of Canada.  Perhaps most importantly for this discussion, he is a member of the Islamic Juridical (Fiqh) Council of North America.  This organization concerns itself with matters of law and theology.

With respect to the issue of physical violence against the individual, Canadian criminal law makes is clear that violent assaults against anyone are forbidden and such activity can result in arrest and imprisonment.  However, Canadian Muslim Brotherhood adherents such as Dr. Badawi have addressed the issue of wife beating and it appears that they have determined it is permissible.    

Dr. Badawi believes that the man is the head of the household as he is the provider.  Therefore he sets the rules and enforces household discipline.

To be clear, Dr. Badawi has written that rules and regulations must be respected when wife beating is involved.  In short, the husband must:

1.  Point out to his wife that he is head of household and she must obey.
2.  He must point out to his wife what she is doing wrong.
3.  If she still does not obey, he should then remove her from the marital bed.
4.  If she still does not obey, then beating her is permissible, but she cannot be beaten on the face nor can the beating leave any marks. 

A question then arises.  What happens in a household where the woman has a full time job (the provider) and the man does not?  If he is behaving in a manner which is determined to be inappropriate, can she explain to him the nature of his transgressions and request that he improve his behavior?  If he does not improve, can she then remove him from the martial bed and see if he improves?

If none of that works, can she beat him?

For more on this issue see: 

For more on Dr. Badawi and the Muslim Brotherhood in Canada follow the link available at:  


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