Friday, June 13, 2014

Will IRFAN Members Face Criminal Charges?

A major charity that formerly held official Canadian government status has been raided by the RCMP and members of the former charity may face criminal charges.  The RCMP raids hit both a business premise in Mississauga and a home in Montreal.  This charity lost its official status in 2011 and was listed as a terrorist entity in April of 2014. Although the charitable status was lost in 2011, it continued fund raising activities in places such as Ottawa and Toronto up to at least 2013. 

The charity was IRFAN: The International Relief Fund for the Afflicted and Needy.  It was formed in 2000 with well-known board members such as Dr. Wael Haddara who was a part of the Muslim Brotherhood’s inner circle in Egypt.  Other founding board members include Nadeem Siddiqi, Mohamed Farhad Khadim, Reyad Hobba and Mohammad Ammak.  Current board members (2009) at IRFAN include Adel Esayed, Sami Kaoud, Mahmoud Loubani and Sharon Hoosein.  A key figure in both the JFHS and IRFAN was Rasem Abdel-Majid who is repeatedly identified as a leadership figure by the CRA.

IRFAN was reportedly funding HAMAS.  According to Article Two of its own charter, HAMAS is a Muslim Brotherhood organization.  A number of IRFAN persons have close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, especially IRFAN founding board member Dr. Wael Haddara.

Typically, when the RCMP uses a search warrant to conduct such a raid, it does so in pursuit of evidence to support criminal charges.  Given the current climate of political correctness, it can be assumed that the RCMP must have had a significant amount of evidence already collected in order for a judge to sign off a search warrant that involved a “religious” organization. 

Who gets charged if the RCMP raids are shown to have collected usable evidence in support of a criminal charge?  The answer is not known and there is limited precedent in Canada to assist in making such a judgement.  Does the RCMP charge board members (accountability) or does in charge the lower level staff who did the actual day to day work?

IRFAN and the Jerusalem Foundation for Human Services have an interesting joint history.
The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has stated that charitable status was not given to the Jerusalem Foundation for Human Development in the 1990s as they believed it was an attempt to provide funding for HAMAS, a listed terrorist group.  Instead, as CRA notes, the workaround to bypass the government was to create IRFAN and then use it to accomplish the same goal.  When the IRFAN was addressed by CRA in 2004 and warned concerning the issue of funding terrorism, IRFAN assured the government of Canada that it was not doing so and taking precautions to assure that no such activities were occurring.  However, a CRA investigation would reveal that IRFAN was in fact funding a listed terrorist group (HAMAS) and had provided them with at least 14 million dollars.  As a result, IRFAN lost their charitable status.  

According to the CRA, IRFAN-Canada had transferred over 14 million dollars to a series of Palestinian HAMAS organizations.  This does not include another 17 million dollars’ worth of “in kind” donations.

On top of everything else, IRFAN was defrauding donors by claiming they were collecting funds for disasters and then using the money to fund terrorism (i.e. the Asian Tsunami 2004, South Asian Earthquake 2006, Indonesian Earthquake 2006, Bangladesh Cyclone 2008, Burma Cyclone 2008, Pakistan Earthquake 2008, and Indonesia Earthquake 2008).  By collecting money for one cause and using the money to fund terrorism, IRFAN has been defrauding both donors who gave the money as well as the taxpayer that indirectly subsidizes terrorism though IRFAN.

Should anyone who donated money to IRFAN be allowed to sue them for misrepresentation and fraud?  Too early to tell, but it is an interesting question.

(For more details and source information on IRFAN and the JFHS, see the full report “The Muslim Brotherhood in North America” at: )

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