Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Toronto Architect is Major Player in the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood: Hassan Hachimi

Despite denials from organizations such as CAIR CAN etc, more Canadian citizens are emerging as major figures in the Muslim Brotherhood here in Canada and around the world.

The latest figure in the news is Hassan Hachimi, formerly of Sweetwater Crescent in Toronto.  Mr. Hachimi was a Toronto based architect, having lived in Canada since 1996.

Hassan Hachimi in an Muslim Brotherhood official photo
Now, he is playing a major role on the world scene as head of the political bureaus of the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood.  On 12 June 2014, he was quoted as saying that he "ruled out near future prospects of talks with Iran regarding the Syrian civil war, calling the Iranians untrustworthy.”

Perhaps more interesting that he is also identified as being "the coalition’s director of political affairs in North America."  The coalition referred to is the Syrian National Coalition.  It is not clear from the article what role the Syrian National Coalition plays in North America nor are Mr. Hachimis' responsibilities in North America defined.

While he was living in Toronto, Mr Hachimi played an active role in Muslim Brotherhood related organizations.  He was on the board of directors of the Muslim World League of Canada along with the well known Dr. Wael Haddara (adviser to Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood President Morsi).  In the past, he was also on the board of directors of the Muslim Association of Canada along with other Muslim Brotherhood luminaries such as Dr. Yasser Haddara, Mourad Mhiri, and Dr. Jamal Badawi,

You can see the entire interview with Mr. Hachimi at:

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