Monday, May 26, 2014

4. The Muslim Brotherhood in North America - (Prejudice and the Muslim Community)

2.  Prejudice and the Muslim Community

Spurious attacks on the Muslim community since the 911 attacks has become an issue of concern.

However, many of those involved in the practice tend to be generally ignorant, or willfully blind, to most of the current reality.  

Most prejudice and racism is founded in ignorance.  This ignorance can be found in a variety of cases.  On September 15th 2001, 49 year old gas station owner Balbir Singh Sodhi was killed by Frank Roque from Mesa, Arizona.  Mr. Roque said that he wanted to lash out at Arabs after watching the World Trade Center attacks on television.[i]   Mr. Sodhi was a Sikh and neither a Muslim or an Arab. Twelve years later, in September of 2013, similar problems were at work when Prabhjot Singh, a Sikh and a professor of international and public affairs, was attacked and beaten by a group of some 15 individual who were reportedly yelling “Get Osama.” 

In both cases, the assailants knew nothing about their victims. Clearly, ignorance lies at the heart of prejudice and racism. 

Those looking to engage in further broad spectrum attacks on the Muslim community will be disappointed by this report.  This report does look at a narrow, specific group of individuals who are attempting to politicize a virulent strain of Islam and use it to infiltrate, weaken and eventually destroy North American society (and others).  It does not suggest that Islam as a whole is the problem.

Most of those involved in Muslim bashing would not know a Salafist from a Sufi nor do they understand the difference between a Sunni and a Shia. As such, they take a bad problem and make it worse.  In many cases, by mindlessly repeating slogans fed to them, they are plugging an amplifier into the propaganda of those who would undermine them.

PERSONAL NOTE:  I have testified in the Federal Court of Canada and at the Immigration Refugee Board on behalf of those who I feel have been subject to persecution or abuse of process due to their being identified as  Muslims.  For these efforts, I have suffered personally and professionally and been subjected to abuse and ridicule for this. However, I believe that an open and transparent court system is required if a functioning democracy and believe that the rights of all must be defended, even if they happen to be unpopular at the time.  And by the way, many of those subject to the system are in fact innocent. 
TO BE CLEAR:  The problem is the virulent ideological strains of those who politicize the faith.  In this case, this means the Muslim Brotherhood and its adherent organizations.

[i] Timeline: A History of Violence against Sikhs in the Wake of 9/11.

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